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25 December 1989 – Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu

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Nicolae Ceausescu

Nicolae Ceausescu

Who needs a televised ‘Queen’s Speech’, when you can watch the demise of a dodgy dictator on the box instead.

So the bullet-riddled bodies of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu graced Romanian TVs on this day in 1989. They were executed by firing squad for crimes against the state.

Good thing went at last

Ok so he promoted agriculture and trading ties with the likes of China and the West, but it didn’t take him long to realise he was on to a good thing. And the once Communist leader soon became corrupt and started siphoning off public funds in true dictator style.

Couple this with poor foreign policies and all too soon the people started to lose the faith.

The tide turned in December 1989 when the despairing masses rose up and overthrew their incumbent leader.

But that wasn’t enough. The public demanded more. Ceausescu was tried and found guilty. And the punishment was death.

Bodies of evidence

Ceausescu and his wife both faced their firing squad on Christmas morning, and to satiate the Romanians’ desire for proof, their corpses were emblazoned on tv as the ultimate Christmas present to a disgruntled nation.

And a merry Christmas to all our readers too.

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