23 December 1890 – Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey

Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey

Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey

Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey hanged for the murder of her lover’s wife and baby.

A known depressive and a drinker, Pearcey was tried and convicted of fracturing Phoebe Hogg’s skull and near decapitating her, as well as smothering her child.

Pearcey, who’d taken her surname for an ex-lover, John Charles Pearcey, was hanged in 1890, aged 24.

But she proved to be her father’s daughter by following in his footsteps. He’d been hanged in St Albans for murdering a farmer 10 years previously.

Fall girl?

On her last night she instructed her solicitor to run a personal ad in a Madrid newspaper ‘mecp last wish of mew, have not betrayed mew’. Pearcey took the meaning of that message to her grave.

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3 Responses to “23 December 1890 – Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey”

  1. darkeve Says:

    Any news about the lover? His reaction? Was he a part of this? Was she drunk when she did it? Did she confess?

  2. Sarah Beth Hopton Says:

    This is a great site, but one historical correction: Mary’s father was not the same man that killed Edward Anstee. Mary’s father actually died from a “double rupture” according to his death certificate, when Mary was in her early teens. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Brilliant, thanks for providing this information Sarah Beth. We’ll look into it, as most of the other sources cites that Thomas Wheeler was hanged. Watch this space.

      Glad you like the site.

      Cheers, Mel

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