22 December 1915 – Harry Thompson

Lovelorn Harry Thompson lost his life for letting all-consuming passions get the better of him.

He managed to get embroiled with one Alice Kaye and the relationship was to be the death of him.

The pair got friendly, but little did Thompson know she had another man in her life – her husband. Kaye blagged that he was a relative, passing her other half off as her brother and Thompson naively believed her.

Meal ticket

So when hubbie went off to the World War I trenches, Kaye and Thompson got much closer. And he even started giving her an allowance.

Finally the pressure of pretence got the better of Kaye and she broke her silence about her duplicitous situation.

Well, the heart-breaking news tipped Thompson over the edge. He just lost it and killed his lover stone dead.

Needless to say, the crime caught up with him and he was found guilty of her murder and sent to the gallows. Thompson was hanged on Hull on this dsay in 1915, aged 51.

Also on this day

22 December 1903 – Charles Ashton

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