22 December 1903 – Charles Ashton

Charles Ashton was a mere teenager when be was hanged at Hull in 1903. Indeed it was his age that prompted appeals for leniency.

However, it was the viciousness of his crime that may well have put the kibosh on a reprieve. For Ashton’s crime was one of murder.

A farm labourer at a Yorkshire farm, Ashton took a shine to a co-worker, a servant girl by the name of Annie Marshall.

But rather than ask her out as is the social norm, he antisocially took Marshall by force, raped her and sank a fatal bullet in her. He then disposed of the body by dumping her in a nearby river, according to realcrime.co.uk.

Ashton earned himself an equally fatal end when the death penalty was doled out. He became one of 17 19-year-olds to be hanged in the 20th century.

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