21 December 1929 – Peter Kudzinowski

The children of New Jersey were particularly vulnerable in the late 1920s.

Not only was the slimy Albert Fish trawling the area, but also Peter Kudzinowski, a railroad worker-cum-serial killer, was at large.

On the wrong track

Indeed Kudzinowski was suspected of killing one Billy Gaffney, who’s body was never found. And little wonder, as the real killer had eaten a lot of it.

Step forward Albert Fish, who was eventually to admit to Gaffney’s murder to the little boy’s own mother. He told of how he tortured the little boy to death, gouging out his eyes, drinking his blood and feasting on his roasted flesh.

But for a time, Kudzinowski was the prime suspect for he’d been up to similarly depraved activities. Besides, the police caught up with him first after he committed three murders.

Watery grave

The body of Harry Quinn was never found but five-year-old Julia Mlodzianowski was found after be abducted her, murdered her then chucked her lifeless body from a moving train into the Delaware River.

Similarly seven-year-old Joseph Storelli was murdered and disposed of in a wood, according to ‘The New York Times’.

For these crimes, a jury took just 63 minutes to convict him, and the Polish immigrant was barbecued on the electric chair in Trenton, aged just 26.

If you’re wondering about Fish, check out his story.

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