13 December 1945 – Irma Grese

Irma Grese

Irma Grese

Irma Grese was sentenced to be hanged at the same Belsen trial as her commandant Josef Kramer.

A brutal SS guard, Grese’s tyrannical career started off at Ravensbrück aged just 19 years old. Just a year before the end of the war, she was transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau before she ended up at Bergen-Belsen.

Her methods were callous, sexually and sadistically depraved, not to mention ultra-violent. She thought nothing of torturing inmates, shooting, them, beating them, even setting her starved dogs on camp inhabitants.

Her hut even contained lampshades made from the skins of three people. She was executed, aged 22.

In the 2005 film Pierrepoint Grese was portrayed in typically angry form by Bosnian actress Sheyla Shehovic.

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12 Responses to “13 December 1945 – Irma Grese”

  1. she was tried and executed by a bunch of clowns

    the britsh believed those jewish lies

    • 100% correct

      she was at the wrong place at the wrong time

      witnesses lied

    • Sunny Says:

      Irma Grece’s role and behaviour with the prisoners is also written in the book by Paulin Kohler (if I remember it correctly). As the book picturises her to be exteremely rude, eccentric

  2. Irma Grese was the victim of a failed justice . She was mostly innocent even by yestaday’s norm of behaviour than today’s. The Belsen court could not convict her of any killing or even torturing the prisoners. She did confess that she had to use some force to control those hungry , ill and desperate prisoners but never tortured or beat anyone severely . It was because of some Jewish women’s lies that she was hanged. God bless the soul of this unfortunate and young girl whose life was taken so inhumanely by the then hysteric British.

  3. Autumn clark Says:

    This woman was pure evil. How sick that decades later blame should still be lain on the jews & how anyone could still find sympathy for a single member of the nazi party.

  4. i like her…she is cute 😀

  5. garry powell Says:

    I cant believe the comments made by people sometimes. This evil torturer and sexual predatore, didnt deserve to die the way she did. Her death was quick and clean! I would have starved and beaten her like she did to other innocent victims whose only crime was to be jewish. anyone in todays society, who bound a person and then let starved dogs savage them, would be sent straight to the electric chair. may she rot in hell for all eternity

  6. Melody Says:

    …For anyone defending her: just the fact that she participated in the duty of an SS Guard is enough to be tried and convicted. What she did is not relevant; she still helped in the mass murder of Jews, even if she didn’t lay a single hand on them.

  7. Shahid Mahmood Says:

    Irma Grese was victim of vengeance,those read full detail about her and her case can easily reach the conclusion that she was wrongly sentenced.

  8. Peter Says:

    Irma Grese, Täter und Opfer zugleich.Das was sie tat wahr falsch.
    Aus sieht des NS Regimes wahr es richtig, aus sieht der Menschlichkeit falsch. Sie hat leider nicht begriffen, dass das was sie tat falsch wahr. Die falsche Eriehung des NS Regimes wahr schuld. Hätte man ihr geholfen, die Wahrheit zu erkennen, wäre der Prozess veleiht anders verlaufen.
    Sie sah es als Siegerjustiz an und nicht als gerechtigkeit.

  9. It is highly likely that Irma Grese’s conviction at the Belsen Trial was highly unreliable. I invite those who doubt the veracity of what I say here to read the 138 pages of the official Law Reports, at the following website http://www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/wcc/belsenfwd.htm.

    Yes, she was guilty of some crimes which would be punishable, but the death sentence was not the proportionate punishment, given the unreliability of times, dates, identifications put forward in witness testimony as can be seen within the first 50 pages.

    In your mind, Melody, maybe the fact that she was an conscripted auxiliary SS guard (no women were allowed to be SS members) by the Labour Exchange in Nazi Germany is enough to make her guilty, but in law, it is not and should not be enough to send someone to his/her death.

    Final fact: she was referred to by 11 witnesses, only 5 of those alleged any wrongdoing by her. (Many of the identifications were confused and witness statements differed from their testimony in the witness box as to who did what)

  10. Shahid Says:

    irma grese was 16 year old when wwi started,she was too immature to do such thing on her own,i suggest one should read J Bellinger irma victim of lies.to understand her better.general montgommery did nothing remarkable in wwii except he rejected irma clamency appeal.

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