13 December 1945 – Josef Kramer

Josef Kramer

Josef Kramer

Josef Kramer was one of 45 concentration staff to be tried for genocide at Bergen-Belsen camp, after World War II.

Having been in charge of the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau, he transferred to Belsen as Commandant where he soon became known as the ‘Beast of Belsen’ fuelled by stories of his unashamed brutality.


As the war drew to a close, the Allies were let in to the camp early as a result of an outbreak of typhus. But nothing could have prepared the British soldiers for the sight of rotting corpses strewn around the camp.

Of course, the Beast’s pivotal role in the mass genocide of prisoners was to catch up with him. Kramer was hanged for his war crimes, aged 39, by Albert Pierrepoint in a series of hangings following the Nuremberg Trials.

In the film Pierrepoint Kramer was played by Michael Norton.

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6 Responses to “13 December 1945 – Josef Kramer”

  1. siegfried buchwalter Says:

    Only those who saw those uncivilized barbarians in action can under stand their animal type behavior and that is an insult to animals

  2. siegfried buchwalter Says:

    His death did not atone for the children who in their death throes clang to their mother and their little nails entered the skin of their mothers. This barbarism can never be fully atoned and today a Catholic Bishop in England dsiputes the existence of the gas chambers. It is unfortunate that the men of Kanada commando no longer are alive. Bishop Williamson disputes the air tightness of the gas chambers. Maybe some Zyklon B could be rereated and he could try out a dosage and we will find the effectiveness



  4. Steven Says:

    Which hateful religion? Poland’s Catholic Clergy was wiped out too. There were plenty of Bonhoeffers. It happened. Just count the population of Jews before and after the war. How do you fake all of that? Nazis documented it. Any denial only proves idiocy and possible detachment of reality. USA puts Andrew Jackson on the 20. He was into concentration camps, genocide and death marches too. No race, no religion is innocent as a group. Read Old Testament. Judges were all genocidal maniacs.

  5. The Catholic Church survived intact and the Ukrainians shoved children into the gas chambers in Treblinka and Belzec and then went to Mass

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