7 December 1982 – Charles Brooks

Charlie Brooks Jr

Charlie Brooks Jr

Murderer Charles (or Charlie) Brooks Jr was the first person to be put to death by lethal injection in the United States. But he might not actually have pulled the trigger.

Brooks teamed up with Woody Lourdes to kill a mechanic by the name of David Gregory. They both tied him to a motel chair using coat hangers, gagged him, then one of them shot him in the head.

Neither confessed who actually fired the gun, but legal wranglings meant that Lourdes landed a 40-year sentence while Brooks got the death penalty. The injection was pumped in at 12:09am and Brooks was pronounced dead at 12:16am. He was aged 40.

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13 Responses to “7 December 1982 – Charles Brooks”

  1. Ashton Says:

    if they didnt have alot of evidence to prove that this man is guilty then they should have waithed untill they found proof that this man was guilty. people do things just to get back at others and who ever exucuted this guy i hope they rott in hell because they no better for this mess and if i was his lawyer i would have proved him not guilty. where are the evidence, how do you know, how will you ever know. it is just another black man dead and the killer is on the loose if he aint dead. so people that create the crime think before you do it. and what make this passage so bad is that it was a black man that made our wold history. so what ever the white folks do to us God is going to do it to them one way or the other. God dont like ugly and white folk is the same as black. the only thing about them they just got white skin. aint no white person around here better than the black, we stink when we work, we look a mess when we wake up, we work hard for our money, we sometime steal, we sometimes kill and we make stupid decisions so dont judge black for who we are, judge us for what we have done. cause if it wasnt for us you wouldnt have a living. everything that you got in your house almost came from the black people. we are history and we have made history with our president barack obama. we love you. and young man rest your soul and may God be with you and hope he was with you before you left this world.

  2. Jonathan Davis Says:

    Charlie Brooks was my great uncle, my grandmothers brother. i believe Woody Lourdres Commited the murder, the guy that was with him that day, his so called friend. No evidence was presented that either commited the murder, Nor was there witnesses. I also believe that Woody snitched Charlie Brooks out. thats why hes alive and Charlie is not. Woody Lourdres got out of jail a few years ago, he lives about 15 miles from me. what a great justice system we have.

    • Jacquie Says:

      I can’t find anything on Woody Lourdes – Just out of curiousity was he white – it just might explain a lot.

      • Jonathan Davis Says:

        Woody Lourdes was black, he took a plea deal to get a lesser sentence. Texas, at the time was looking for a reason to bring back the death penalty and apparently this was all the evidence they needed.

  3. kabrooks Says:

    i dont believe in the death penalty. i believe its a contradiction of the law and one of the ten commanments “thou shall not kill”. and i believe that rule should go for everyone including those people who make the rules. No one should decide who life should be taken..no one should have that power,,not even the courts..but people should definitely pay for their crimes..WITH JAIL TIME

  4. Kelly Says:

    This is really sad that you can get the death penalty without knowing if this is the right person. And for Jonathan Davis I’m sorry for you that you lost him. It was really unfair to lose your great uncle. everything i read about the case the other guy with him did it. Good book about another innocent man is Chasing Justice By Kerry Max Cook who was on death row with Charles Brooks.

  5. this is a crying shame. I feel the same way ashton does. Whom ever sentence him to lethal injection is already dead I know but they more than likely learned their lesson. People do things wrongfully to others and at the end of the day/ days, they get what they deserve.

  6. Keyla Says:

    I contradiction to kabrooks, the Bible, where you find the 10 Commandments, is one of the first resources where we find that since the begging of civilization, death penalty or a source of it was practiced. Didn’t the gentiles sentence Jesus to a death penalty? Didnt many kings of ancient civilization give death to criminals? And not even criminals but simply sinners. “Thou shall not kill” only applies to individuals that kill for pleasure or without justified and LEGAL reason.

  7. Jonathan Davis Says:

    I don’t understand your logic Keyla… If you knew what actually happened you would know that the punishment of death was without LEGAL reason. So do some research. And in your obscurity you say that Kings sentenced people to death and the gentiles sentenced Jesus to death, does that make it right? Or does it make it normal? And if it is normal, does that mean it should continue in our society?

    If one of two men kills a man, but no one actually knows who, do you guess who did it and kill one of them randomly?

  8. I never met Charlie Brooks, Jr. but I made remarks at his funeral on December 10, 1982. At the time, I was pastor at Macedonia AME Church in Kaufman. Later, while pastor of Forest Hill AME Church in Fort Worth, his ex-wife Joyce visited a number of times. I see Charles DeWitt (husband of Mary, Charlie’s niece) several times a year at Masonic functions.

    I have always been opposed to the death penalty. Charlie’s death deeply affected me.

  9. Cindy Bogan Says:

    I remember this case as I was living in Fort Worth at the time. I thought at the time that it was sad that one man got the death penalty and not the other. Loudres saved his own neck with a plea bargain. I wonder if Charlie Brooks could have done the same thing and chose not to. I don’t know how the laws read back then, but these days it wouldn’t matter who pulled the trigger if they were both present during the crime. I’m reminded also of the Koslow murder in Fort Worth where in my opinion the main perpetrator, the daughter sits in prison along with her boyfriend while the other person involved was executed which they were in this case. These cases always seem unfair to me but I have to think of the innocent victims who deserve for their killers to be punished. Sometimes the best way is to plea bargain to insure that these people are punished even if they are different forms of punishment. Without plea bargains some of these people wouldn’t get proper convictions and that’s not fair to society either.

  10. Paris Cooks Says:

    I never heard of this guy. I dreamed I was this guy charles brooks jr, so I google his name. In the dream i was with a friend who had passed me a gun. Tied up this lady hands , in the dream she was on drugs. We wanted money. I cant remember the other name but one of my friends or brother went by the name of critical. The police was looking for me so I was hiding out in some ladies house with her daughter and other children. When I left the residents, the lady said why was arnold cox here? The daughter replied thats not arnold cox , thats charles brooks jr. Before I left the house , I notice myself looking in the mirror, putting on apair of glasses, wondering why my nose look a little squish on one size? ?…then I woke up. Its like god is trying to tell me something, or its coincidence. My best friend name is Arnold cox, his moms is joyce, my other friend is carl austin , his moms is delores brooks , my other friend name is charlie mott , I have another friend who died as a teenager who name was william earl brown. My name is Psris Cooks , I was married to a venecia austin, but separated . This is the type of stuff that makes me believe in reincarnation. Another thing that puzzled me was fire crackers?????

  11. Paris Cooks Says:

    Before the man passed me the gun, he had it pointed at a little kids back. So I took it away from him.

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