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7 December 1938 – Anne Marie Hahn

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Anne Marie Hahn

Anne Marie Hahn

Anne Marie Hahn AKA Arsenic Anna was fried on this day in 1938. She was done for poisoning George Obendorfer in Cincinnati as part of an avaricious killing spree in her merciless pursuit of money.

Of course the gold-digging German immigrant’s first love was arson and in the early days she’d set fire to places in her bid to amass money from insurance claims. But things grew suspicious, so the 32-year-old opted for arsenic as her weapon of choice.

She would poison elderly men whom she cared for in the community in return for their life insurance policies. Among her other victims was Albert Palmer, 72. She borrowed $1,000, from him, but following his death the IOU mysteriously disappeared.

Jacob Wagner left $17,000 to his beloved niece Hahn after he died on 3 June 1937. Then 67-year-old George Gsellman died in July 1937 leaving her a tidy $15,000.

This all looked decidedly dodgy and it took a jury just two hours to send her down for her crimes. She was strapped to the electric chair in Ohio having written a remorse-filled letter confessing to her crimes. She signed off ‘…my only regret is that I have not the power to undo the trouble and heartache that I have caused’.

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