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4 December 2005 – Wesley Eugene Baker

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Wesley Eugene Baker
Wesley Eugene Baker

Wesley Eugene Baker died by lethal injection, following a callous murder of Jane Tyson in a car park in Catonsville.

He was sentenced to death in Maryland in 1992, after it emerged that Tyson was killed in cold blood. As she was putting her grandchildren in the car, a gun was held to her head and demands were made for her purse. She was then shot at point blank range in the head.

There are doubts as to whether Baker actually pulled the trigger as he is right handed and there was a set of his right-handed prints on the roof of Tyson’s car.

At an appeal, it was noted that ‘one must wonder how it was possible for [the right-handed Baker] to hold the gun to Tyson’s head and leave his fingerprints on the [car], especially in light of the fact that the incident took only a matter of moments’. He had a stay of execution after an inquiry found Maryland State to be racially biased against African Americans.

Nonetheless he was eventually executed and died at 9.18am, aged 47, 24 years after the murder.

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