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15 November 1996 – Ellis Wayne Felker

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Ellis Wayne Felker

Ellis Wayne Felker

Ellis Wayne Felker was sentenced to death in Georgia for killing a student.

But there is doubt as to whether he was guilty. Indeed Felker professed innocence to the day he died. He was alleged to have murdered 19-year-old Evelyn Joy Ludlam in 1981. Evidence collected at the time included scrapings taken from under the victim’s nails, which could be compared to Felker’s hair.

Media giants

According to a report in the ‘Independent on Sunday’, three American media firms including CBS News offered to pay for DNA testing to find out if Felker was guilty once and for all. Sadly the results were inconclusive, because the evidence had deteriorated.

But this alone would shed doubt over the sentence and he could have been freed on the strength of the lack of evidence linking him to the crime. Nevertheless he was strapped to the electric chair in 1996. To this day there remains a signed confession from another suspect.

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