14 November 2002 – Mir Aimal Kansi

Mir Aimal Kansi

Mir Aimal Kansi

Mir Aimal Kansi was put to death in Virginia for killing two CIA employees.

In January 1993 he picked up an AK-47 and started systematically pumping bullets into cars parked at a red light near CIA headquarters in the US. He killed Frank Darling, 28, and Lansing Bennett, 66 and seriously injured three others.

The Pakistani immigrant was given the lethal injection in 2002. He was 38.


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8 Responses to “14 November 2002 – Mir Aimal Kansi”

  1. irfan Says:

    LonG LivE

  2. Abdul Rehman Says:

    brave guy! salute to u….

  3. Poop Mckensie has poop for brains

  4. He was a piece of manure and got what he deserved. Mess with us, pay the consequences. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!

  5. sardar jee Says:

    good man

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