14 November 1949 – Nathuram Godse

Nathuram Godse

Nathuram Godse

Nathuram Godse gained notoriety for assassinating Mahatma Gandhi on 30 January 1948.

He along with other activists believed that Gandhi’s actions played to the minorities rather than defending the majority Hindu interests when India and Pakistan were split.

So ultimately, they felt he was partly responsible for the violent Indian Partition that killed hundreds of thousands of Indian people. He was hanged at Ambala Prison for the close-range shooting of the peace-loving Indian icon in 1949.

In the Attenborough epic Gandhi the part of Godse was played by Harsh Nayyar.

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2 Responses to “14 November 1949 – Nathuram Godse”

  1. Nathuram Godse was not a mad man as described by some congress men. He was very bright, edited an independent Daily Newspaper, Agrani with his own agenda of restoring the glory of a great nation known as Bharat not India as the Congress accepted as our nation,s name. Nathuram was greatly disturbed by the partition of the motherland. If Nathuram wound not have raised the outridge someone else would have. Thousands Hindus died at the hands of Muslim as a result of the partition of Bharatmata. The history will blame Gandhi for the partition and it,s results. Nathuram was a patriot in certian way.Unfortunatelly the history is never written for many many years and the misinformation crips in.

  2. iftekhar ashar Says:

    Hanging nathuram godse was an act giving justice to a victim but taking in that the victim himself was the preacher of non voilence they should have commuted his sentence.
    Many think that the Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for the Riots. I think the position would have been more vulnerable if pakistan was not created. There would have been massacres daily in heart of cities. Millions would have died.

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