13 November 1997 – Dawud Majid Mu’Min

Dawud Majid Mu’Min was hell bent on murdering again despite being jailed for 48 years for murder in the US.

After killing a taxi driver in 1973, he received virtually half a century’s worth of sentencing at the Virginia Department of Corrections’ Haymarket Correctional Unit. But that didn’t stop him. In 1988, while he was doing the time for his crime, he managed to escape from his prison work by scaling the fence, having created himself a makeshift weapon.

Mu’Min (whose real name was David Michael Allen) then made his way into Dale City where he targeted carpet-shop owner Gladys Nopwasky. He murdered her, stabbing her 16 times in the neck, and stole $4, before returning back to the correctional as cool as you like, having ditched his weapon and bloodstained clothing along the way.

Of course his actions caught up with him and he was tried and this time he was sentenced to death. He was pumped full of lethal drugs at Greensville Correctional Center, aged 44.

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2 Responses to “13 November 1997 – Dawud Majid Mu’Min”

  1. Ashley Says:

    It’s tragic what happened to my grandmother. He made it so I never met her. He took away a part of me I can never get back.

  2. In Her Honor Says:

    I am writing about your grandmother’s murder. There is hope! People are reading about her. We need to change political views, and impose capital punishment on murderers!

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