13 November 1890 – John Reginald Birchall

John Reginald Birchall’s death was slow because Canadians experimented on him by using was a new kind of noose that tightened slowly.

The Englishman, who was the son of a priest and educated at Oxford, met his end in Canada after he encouraged two fellow Englishmen, Douglas Pelly and Frederick C. Benwell, into business with him. He persuaded them to club together to get a farm in Woodstock.

But that was just a ploy. Birchall was really after their money and he was prepared to kill for it. He successfully bumped Benwell off by shooting him in a swamp. But he failed to kill Pelly. So they caught him and hanged him. Birchall was allowed to die of slow strangulation at the tender age of 24.

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