11 November 2005 – Steven Van McHone

Steven Van McHone or is it Ian Beale off Eastenders?

Steven Van McHone or is it Ian Beale off Eastenders?

In a crime of pure greed, American Steven Van McHone shot his own mum and stepfather in 1990.

He was executed for killing his family for money following an argument. Already a criminal, McHone was out on parole for theft, when his stepbrother who was a captain in the air force came to stay with his family. Captain Wesley Adams Jr heard his father, Wesley Adams Sr (51), and mother-in-law, Mildred Adams (53), arguing with McHone over money.

This was shortly followed by three gun shots. Of course he then legged it down the stairs to see what had happened. He found his father wrestling with McHone. Adams called to his son to call 911. But McHone was holding a pistol so his first priority was to disarm him and only then did he make the phone call.

After calling he then went to see how his mother-in-law was doing – she’d been shot in the garden. But McHone was hell bent on finishing the job and he reappeared in the doorway bearing a shotgun and began to aim at Adams Jr. His father saw what was happening and jumped in front of him and took the bullet which hit him square in the chest and flung him back into his son’s arms.

McHone tried to take another pot shot at him, but being a military man, Adams Jr managed to disarm him again. Only then did his actions catch up with him. First he was remorseful, then he snarled at Wesley Adams Jr, ‘Just shoot me. Just get it over with. If you don’t kill me, I will get out of jail, hunt you down and hunt your family down and finish them off’.

But his threats were empty, because he never did get out of jail. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection in North Carolina and was put down in 2005, aged 35.

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