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10 November 1960 – Francis Forsyth and Norman Harris

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Part of a gang, Francis Forsyth and Norman Harris robbed and kicked a man to death.

In 1960, Forsyth (18) and Harris (23) together with fellow gang members Christopher Louis Darby (23) and Terrence Lutt (17) set upon Allen Jee in an alley in Hounslow. They kicked him unconscious and stripped him of his cash and left him bleeding from head injuries.

Jee had everything to live for. He’d only just got engaged. And he managed to last two days in hospital before his catastrophic injuries got the better of him. Though they denied it, the gang didn’t get away with it. Forsyth’s bloodstained shoes made sure of that.

Both Forsyth and Harris got the death penalty. Lutt was a minor so he only got a prison sentenced because he was too young to be hanged. And Darby had the least involvement so he managed to get life imprisonment. Harris was hanged at 9am on 10 November at Pentonville and Forsyth was hanged at the same time in Wandsworth, and became the last 18-year-old to be hanged in Britain.

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