8 November 2008 – The Bali Bombers

The Bali Bombers

The Bali Bombers

It was a sultry day in a heaving part of town in Bali. And 12 October 2002 was like any other day with hundreds of tourists flocking to a popular party district…that is until three bombs suddenly shattered their lives.

Two went off in by a couple of popular nightclubs, while the other was detonated at the nearby US consulate’s office. The latter didn’t claim any lives, but the former two certainly made up for it. In total 202 people died in the surprise attack.

Bin pardoned

This was a well-planned terrorist attack designed to bring misery to foreign nations – Australia was particularly hard hit – and the police immediately made links to a fundamentalist group known as Jemaah Islamiah. Indeed, Osama Bin Laden came out in support of the terrorists, saying they were ‘zealous sons of Islam’, according to a report by the BBC.

These zealous sons were a mechanic called Amrozi bin Nurhasyim and his older brother Mukhlas, aka Ali Gufron. And while their younger bruv Ali Imron went on record as saying he did it, the third Bali bomber charged with the massacre was Imam Samudra, who was named as the key coordinator.

Of course, there are other primes suspects who’ve either been killed or are still at large, but for these three men, the end of the road came today in Indonesia.

Rocky road

But the road has been rocky. Even the execution method was contested. They fought for beheading rather than a firing squad, which is not viewed as a humane method – not least because instant death is not guaranteed. And they had a point. A case that surely highlighted the concern took place in 1979 – a Thai female by the name of Ginggaew had a particularly gruesome dispatch.

However the battle was lost and with their alotted number of appeals exhausted, the three Bali bombers were put into isolation before they were frogmarched out and came face to face with a firing squad in Nusakambangan maximum security prison. Once they’d been tied to posts and hooded, they were riddled full of bullet holes.

But the drama doesn’t end there. The challenge now will be how to return the Bali Bombers’ bodies to their respective families, says tvnz.co.nz. For the concern is now that the murderers’ mates will be out in full force to avenge their deaths. But they will nevertheless be airlifted out and taken for burial, says Cindy Wockner for the Aussie paper, the ‘Herald Sun’.

Yet, the question also remains, is it really all over? After all, there are others still at large and there is always the threat of more reprisals…

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