7 November 1845 – Lavinia Burnett

Lavinia Burnett made murder a family affair when she roped her husband and son into killing for money in Arkansas.

And the rope is precisely what they got. Burnett and her husband Crawford were hanged for topping Jonathan Selby, who was said to keep piles of money in his house near Fayetteville. Ironically it was another family member that shopped the murderous trio.

One of their daughters told the police that her parents and her brother were at the scene of the crime and they’d planned the murder. Burnett became the first and last woman to be hanged in Arkansas charged with being an accessory to murder, and she was executed along with her husband on 8 November 1845, in Washington.

John Burnett is actually the one to bumped Selby off and he was eventually caught and tried too in Missouri on 4 December. He was hanged on 26 December 1845.

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