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6 November 1985 – Carroll Cole

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Carroll Cole

Carroll Cole

Alleged to have been picked on by fellow pupils for having a girl’s name, Carroll Cole was to take his serial killing vengeance out on females later in life.

Born in Sioux City, Iowa. Cole had been an unwilling witness to his mother’s philandering while his father was away fighting World War II. She would often beat him to intimidate him so he wouldn’t tell his father, and the abused continued even after his father returned. Cole’s said to have grown up hating women.

His first victim was actually a 10-year-old boy and fellow pupil, who he confessed to drowning in later life. But in the main his victims were women who he’d pick up in bars. Most were unharmed, but Cole would kill those he deemed ‘loose’, or who were married, because they reminded him of his mother.

His second victim was Essie Buck, whom he strangled in May 1971 while his third victim just two weeks after remains unidentified.

In July 1973, Cole took alcoholic barmaid Diana Pashal’s hand in a tempestuous marriage. Cole would often disappear for days at a time, and he’d take these opportunities to target more victims, one of whom he is said to have partially eaten. Six years later, Cole strangled Pashal. Cole was hauled into the station eight days later after a suspicious neighbour called the police. Pashal’s body was found wrapped in a blanket and stashed in the cupboard. But they still came to the conclusion she’d drank herself to death and Cole was released without charge.

A year later Cole remarried and went to Las Vegas where he murdered three more women. His past finally caught up with him after he was arrested on suspicion of murdering his last victim. Cole admitted his crime along with details of at least fourteen women over nine years.

He also readily admitted that there could well be more but he couldn’t be sure because he was invariably off his face when he committed the murders. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection. The execution took place in Nevada when he was aged 47.

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