6 November 2008 – Elkie Lee Taylor

Elkie Lee Taylor

Elkie Lee Taylor


Mr Taylor was executed in Texas on the evening of 6 November and pronounced dead at 6.30pm.

The Texans are truly banging them out at the moment. In an unprecedented run on the old gurney, the state has scheduled 10 executions in just 30 days, according to the ‘National Post’.

Of course, you’ve already read about Gregory White, who was number two back on 31 October.

Today is reserved for Elkie Lee Taylor, aka Ronnie Lee Watkins, whose life currently hangs in the balance – he is due to be executed by lethal injection later today for murder.

The 46-year-old is on death row after he strangled a 64-year-old nine years ago. Taylor did it using wire coat hangers in the victim’s very own home, during a robbery.

All Taylor got in the haul was $16 worth of clobber. He then compounded his callous crimes by van-jacking an 18-wheel vehicle and leading the police on a terrifying chase through Texas, where he attempted to mow down police in his path.

The pursuit was finally brought to a close after a plucky state trooper stood in front of the on-coming van and took the tyres out with his gun.

Definitely, maybe

Needless to say he was captured and found guilty if his crimes. It even emerged that he may well have already killed previously using his coat-hanger method.

So he has stewed on death row for over nine years. And as with all the will-he, won’t-he cases we feature, there is an air of uncertainty around Taylor’s death.

His IQ is the clincher. The threshold is 70 and he teeters dangerously close.

But if past cases are anything to go by, the Texans will err on the side of hardline justice, besides he’s already had appeals rejected so it doesn’t look good.

But time will tell…6pm Texan time to be precise.

Definitely on this day

6 November 1985 – Carroll Cole

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