5 November 2001 – Terry D Clark

Terry D Clark

Terry D Clark

Terry D Clark had the dubious honour of being the first inmate in New Mexico to be put down by lethal injection.

Clark was had up for murder – a murder he may never have had chance to commit had he not been allowed out on bail following a similar offence.

A known offender, Clark had originally stood accused of raping a six-year-old girl in 1984 when he was released pending his trial. While at large, he used this time to home in on Dena Lynn Gore on 17 July 1986 with lethal consequences.

Shallow grave

She was later found buried in a shallow grave, naked and tied up on a ranch where Clark was employed. She’d been raped and there were three bullets in the back of her head. Gore was just nine years old.

Clark pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death. However the Supreme Court overturned his sentence in 1994, saying his rights had been violated. But all change again in 1996, when his sentence was reinstated. Aged 45, Clark became the first person on death row in New Mexico to be executed in 41 years.

Also on this day

5 November 1907 – William Austin

If you’re wondering where on earth Guy Fawkes is, well today is actually the day the Gunpowder plotter was caught surrounded by incendiary-filled barrels in the bowels of the building, poised to blow up Parliament.

But as you well know, the plot was foiled. Fawkes actually paid for his crime a couple of months later, so go to 31 January 1606, if you fancy checking him out.

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