4 November 2005 – Hastings Arthur Wise

Hastings Wise

Hastings Wise

Wanton bloodlust gripped Hastings Arthur Wise as he went on a killing spree, targeting random ex-colleagues.

A bit of a thug who’d already done time for breaking and entering plus bank robbery, Wise had started putting his life back together and had held down a steady job for four years at Aiken Lawn Mower Ignition Plant.

But old habits bubbled fiercely inside him and he’d often intimidate colleagues. So it came as no surprise that he was fired after an angry confrontation with his boss. Steeped in angry revenge for being sacked, the 6ft 4in brick outhouse rolled up armed and ready to kill.

Tool and die

His first target was security guard Stanley Vance, who he shot in the chest before pulling the phone lines out. He then stormed the personnel office and fired two shots into the back of 56-year-old Charles Griffeth. He then started taking pot shots at the tool-and-dye section.

Sadly some of his fatal shots found homes inside 30-year-old David Moore and 31-year-old Leonard Filyaw, while two others were injured. He then turned the gun on 27-year-old quality controller Sheryl Wood. He shot her three times, once in the back, once in the leg before aiming at her head. After a few more unsuccessful pot shots, he downed some insecticide in a bid to commit suicide.

Wise gave into his fate. His guilt was after all unequivocal. He barred any witnesses from pleading a lower sentence. He even refused to appeal against his death penalty. he was finally injected with lethal drugs on 4 November 2005 in South Carolina, aged 51. ”

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