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3 November 2003 – John Dennis Daniels

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John Dennis Daniels

John Dennis Daniels

High on coke, John Dennis Daniels killed his aunt and attempted to kill his wife and son in a drug-fuelled frenzy.

He was sentenced to death by lethal injection for murdering 77-year-old blood relative Isabella Daniels Crawford in 1990.

His marriage foundering and in debt, Daniels approached his aunt for money and asked her if his wife and son could move in with her. Crawford refused so Daniels saw red and hit her in the face before garotting her with some electrical flex.

He then stole around $80, went home and turned on his wife Dianne, and son, Jonathan Maurice with a hammer, before setting the house alight. He was rescued from the burning house and immediately marched off the police station where he confessed to his crimes and promptly tried to commit suicide.

Daniels needn’t have bothered. He was found guilty and given the cocktail of killer drugs, aged 46.

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