2 November 2001 – Mona Fandey

Mona Fandey

Mona Fandey

A pop-singing witch doctor turned murderess, Maznah Ismail aka Mona Fandey was hanged for beheading and dicing a client.

Malaysian Fandey, born Maznah Ismail was sentenced to death for killing a politician – Mazlan Idris – in 1993.After leaving the music business behind, she turned her hand to witchcraft and it was in this guise that Idris sought her out to help his career along.

But her talents didn’t come cheap. Fandey charged him RM 2.5 million in return for a charm that had allegedly boosted a former president’s fortunes. Idris coughed up RM 500,000 in cash along with 10 title deeds as collateral.

He then came round for what he thought was a cleansing ritual, but there was nothing cleansing about it. They got him to trustingly lie on the floor, then Fandey’s helper Juraimi Hussin kindly removed all thoughts of power from the minister’s head by chopping it clean off. They then proceeded to cube him and squirrel bits of him away in a storeroom near the house in Pahang.

Fandey (45), her husband Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman (44) and helper Hussin (31) were all found guilty of the dastardly deed and were hanged on this day in 1994 at Malaysia’s Kajang Prison near Kuala Lumpur.

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