31 October 1923 – Frederick Jesse 

Frederick William Maximillian Jesse’s aunt literally nagged herself to death.

Jesse really lost it when his aunt, Mabel Jennings-Edmunds, stormed into his room and pursued an argument with him. But she tipped him over the edge when she started whipping him with a police whistle and throwing the contents of a bottle in his face. Before he knew what had happened, she was dead on his bed – he’d strangled her.

Apparently a voice in his head told him to dispose of the body, which he did by cutting her up into little pieces. But then what was he meant to do with the pieces? Stumped, he did the decent thing and confessed all to the police. He was tried at the Old Bailey and found guilty of murder.

John Ellis and Robert Baxter hanged 26-year-old Jesse on this day in 1923 at Wandsworth.

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