27 October 2001 – Abdul Haq

Abdul Haq

Abdul Haq

A key anti-Taleban freedom fighter from Afghanistan was hanged today in 2001.

Abdul Haq is said to have been ‘martyred’ according to his brother Daoud Arsalan, in a report published by the BBC.

Haq was a key leader of the opposition who had been exiled for years and who fought tirelessly often by guerrilla means to overthrow the Taleban.

He’d re-entered the country to try to drum up support for another uprising, but he hadn’t got very far when he was caught in the act.

Despite the US staging a doomed rescue mission, a ‘religious edict’ was issued which sanctioned his death without trial and Haq was hanged, aged 43, alongside a fellow insurgent.

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One Response to “27 October 2001 – Abdul Haq”

  1. Abdul Haq is a hero. And his friend also an honorable patriot became martyred with him. His name is Major. Sayed Hamed Khelwati. May ALLAH grant them the highest if heavens. And we should recognize our heroes and not let their blood go to waste. Long live united Afghanistan…

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