25 October 2005 – Willie Williams

Willie Williams

Willie Williams

The only high was the body count after a coke dealer lost the plot in a turf war, which earned him the death penalty on this day in 2005. The set-to between two rival sets of dealers left four dead and one executed in Ohio.

William (Willie) Williams felt compelled to wipe out his competition in 1991, after he found that some dealers had moved in on his patch following a leave of absence.

Cherry picking

With the help of his girlfriend Jessica Cherry, her brother Dominic and one other, Williams targeted the rival’s home and managed to bring down four men after then were bound and gagged before being strangled and shot. opposition dealers.

But the killer didn’t bank on one of his cohorts giving themselves in and that’s precisely what his girl’friend’s brother did. As a result of Dominic Cherry’s actions, the other killers got arrested, however Williams managed to escape.

Cherry picking

You see, he’d been there before. The ringleader had already done time for dealing, indeed he is believed to have previously murdered another 10 people in amongst all his other dodgy dealings.

So while the supporting cast of youngsters all pleaded guilty to being accessories, old Williams decided to brazen it out by denying the charges of murder. What was he thinking?

It was hardly surprising that, given his previous and the not-guilty stance, Williams paid the ultimate price when Ohio doled out the death penalty.

As a result and despite appeals, Williams was hooked up to his killer gurney to receive his lethal dose, aged 48.

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