23 October 1971 – Ion Rîmaru

Ion Rîmaru

Ion Rîmaru

In the run-up to Hallowe’en it seems apt that we have details of a vampire-like murderer for you to savour. And Romania is the venue for today’s serial killing rampage by one Ion Rîmaru.

In a scourge that lasted two years, the sex-mad sadist would prey on young women, raping them before finishing them off or at least attempting to finish them off in most cases.

Many cite domestic violence as the trigger as his dad would duff his mother up until they finally separated. There is even conjecture that his dad had in fact set the serial-killing precedent in the Rîmaru household, having killed a clutch of women in the 1940s. So the root of pure evil is said to have stemmed from father to son.

People got the measure of him early on. As a teenager he was found to be banging the jailbait daughter of a teacher and he was done for theft. Rîmaru showed signs of being well dodgy and actual evidence of self-harming as well as a voracious sexual appetite.

Piece meal

As he was training to be a vet, so he showed signs of pure animal behaviour. First he would target waitresses late at night, using whatever implements he could get his hand on, from axes, knives and bars to hammers.

However, Rîmaru hungry for more, he turned his hand to more vicious methods – biting bits out of his victims, even taking chunks out of the girls’ genitals. Our Romanian is pretty poor but translations of his crimes suggest he was a necrophiliac to add to all his other depraved activities.

Thirsty work

One girl actually survived an attack where he drank her blood as he took her home. And if you’re thinking she got off lightly, the blood-fest took place after he’d raped and stabbed her.

Copious amounts of his hair and the shape of the bite marks apparently linked him to the crimes, many of the victims of which had survived. Unconfirmed reports suggested that his dad was in on the crimes, often washing his clothes after the attacks, but no-one would testify against him so he walked free.

Not so Rîmaru, who felt the full wrath of the law. And there wasn’t a shortage of witnesses either and with all that damning evidence, he didn’t stand a chance.

He was found guilty and there was no hanging around with the execution either. He was put before a firing squad on this day in 1971, just 12 days after his 25th birthday. But his desire to live was strong and as he stood tied to the stake awaiting his fate he demanded his dad witness his death.

According to Wikipedia he branded his dad as ‘the only guilty one’ before crying ‘I want to live’. Well there was fat chance of that as the serial rapist and murderer was peppered with bullets as he tried to worm his way off the stake.

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One Response to “23 October 1971 – Ion Rîmaru”

  1. 1. His name was “Ion Rimaru”, not “Cazal Ion Rimaru”. Most probably, the headline was “Cazul Ion Rimaru”, “Cazul” meaning “the case of… ” and you mistook this common noun for a proper name.
    2. The language of the Romanian people is Romanian, not Romani ! (btw: Romani is the language of the Romani people – gypsies)

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