20 October 2005 – Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez

Our next guy protested his innocence up to the day he was executed in 2005.

Luis Ramirez was hooked up to a Texan gurney for the murder of his ex-wife’s boyfriend, despite telling the victim’s siblings ‘I did not kill your loved one, but I hope that one day you find out who did’, according to a report in the ‘Houston Chronicle’.

The condemned man went to his death denying he’d murdered Nemecio Nandin – a fireman. And maybe he hadn’t pulled the actual trigger, but in the run-up to his trial there had been some mighty evidence stacked against Ramirez.

The story goes that a hired gun carried out the murder after Ramirez’s wife hooked up with the victim some two years following the ex-couple’s divorce.

The contract killer’s name was Edward Bell and when the law caught up with him, they found he had Nandin’s keys. But the links to Ramirez came in the shape of a map of his ex-wife’s house, her number plate and details of her car, all in Ramirez’s handwriting. Indeed who could have known all those intimate details?

But Ramirez protested that there was no actual tangible proof by way of DNA or similar out-and-out evidence. Nevertheless, he was sent down for the crime and while Bell got life, Ramirez as the instigator got put on death row.

After six years of relentless campaigning for a reprieve, the 42-year-old’s final hour came and he got his allocated dose of the lethal injection in Texas, aged 42.

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