11 October 1957 – Rhonda Bell Martin

Rat poison was Rhonda Bell Martin’s weapon of choice as she bumped off her family one by one in the ‘50s.

The serial killer admitted killing her mum, two husbands and three of her children. And while she didn’t say why, it’s thought that she was after the life insurance payouts.

Martin was a waitress in Montgomery, Alabama, and it was only after she tried to kill her fifth husband that her crimes came out into the open.

She tried to top her spouse who was actually her former son-in-law by poisoning him. But she failed and he turned into a paraplegic. But the suspicious nature of his illness alerted the authorities.

Her confession ensured that she earned the death penalty and Martin was sent to the electric chair in 1957, aged 49.

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2 Responses to “11 October 1957 – Rhonda Bell Martin”

  1. He was not her son-in-law…Many articles are making this same mistake…He was her stepson.

    • lee nickelson Says:

      kimberly u are correct, i am claude martins grandson and back that up. ron was my uncle and had met him when i was 8 years old and when i was 18. he could walk but had alot of issues doing it. ron died in 1998 in new iberia, his sister , my mother lorraine died in 2003 from lung cancer. romaine died in i think 2007 or 8. butch the youngest is still living and resides in florida

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