11 October 1870 – Margaret Waters

Murderous Margaret Waters was executed for her baby farming killings all in the pursuit of money.

Waters was hanged at Horsemonger Lane Gaol, (aka Surrey County Gaol) for killing five children as well as for crimes of neglect.

As a baby farmer she would take in unwanted children or children that people couldn’t keep in return for payment.

Of course, infant mortality was high so some unscrupulous farmers would kill them on the quiet and pocket the money anyway. Waters was one such conspirator and along with her sister Sarah Ellis, they were found guilty of murdering John Walter Cowen.

Ellis was sentenced to 18 months’ hard labour for getting money under false pretence while her 35-year-old sister got death.

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2 Responses to “11 October 1870 – Margaret Waters”

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  2. kristabella Rhyder Says:

    I am a relative of Margaret Waters, in New Zealand. I would greatly appreciate any information on Margaret, and of her husband.
    THanks in advance.

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