1 October 1912 – Sargent Philp

Sargent Philp killed his wife Rose and was sentenced to death for his crime.

He was hanged at Wandsworth Prison, aged 33.

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17 Responses to “1 October 1912 – Sargent Philp”

  1. John L Naylor Says:

    I am I believe a GRANDSON of Sargent Philp ,and would like to find
    out more about this case as it was never mentioned or admitted until
    about 3years ago

    • geoff heard Says:

      my gt grandfather was john heard.b 1838 north tamerton. one
      of his sisters was elizabeth b 1849. she married richard lewis philp in june 1876. 1881 census maud b 1877 + sargent b 1879.
      also john heard stepson b 1872. in 1891 they were living at
      poundstock,nr bude along with my gt/gt/gmother elizabeth. i came
      across details of the philps whist doing my own family research.
      i have a rough summary of the trial including witness statements.

  2. John Timms Says:

    I wondered if the Rose that Sargent Philps murdered was my great Aunt, called Rose Keighley, born in Bermondsey in about 1875. I am asking this via a friend’s email address.

    Kind regards,

    John Timms.

  3. John Timms Says:

    Dear John,

    We have family background details to the case. Apparently Rose (nee Keighley) was a bit flighty, probably seeing another man, and was going to abandon the children to the care of her husband. He was upset because of the situation she was going to leave him in and begged her to stay. It is said that he stabbed her in the neck, on the doorstep of their house.

    Will check on these details.


    • John Lewis Naylor Says:

      This is the first imformation I have received over my great
      grandfather after many tears of trying. My mother was called
      Rosina Maud after her mother.She had 2 sisters and one
      brother, Glady`s,Doris,and Sidney, I have lived in Holland for
      the last 30 odd years,I am now 75 years old,my elder sister
      Betty died about 6 years ago, I would like very much to keep
      in contact and share any further information with you
      regards and thanks

  4. fatgardener Says:

    Dear John Lewis Naylor,

    John Timms is abroad at the moment, but will pass on your message when I next see him. I’m sure he would be pleased to share family histories.

    • John Lewis Naylor Says:

      Hello fatgardener,
      Thanks for reply,if John Timms would like to contact me direct
      I can send a e-mail address or a phone number.Is he on vacation or residing abroard?

  5. John L.Naylor Says:

    Hello fatgardener,
    You can imform John Timms that I have managed to down load
    a transcript of the trial of Sargent Philips in 1912. I can send this
    copy either by email or post mail
    John l, Naylor

    • fatgardener Says:

      Dear John,

      Thanks for your reply. John Timms has been on holiday. Hopefully will see him in the next week or so and will pass on your message.



  6. John L, Naylor Says:

    Hello fatgardener,
    I can confirm that the deceased Rose was Rose Keighley was the
    great Aunt of John Timms,
    John L, Naylor

    • fatgardener Says:

      Hello John Naylor,

      Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I’m not on the internet.

      Please text/ ring me on my mobile. 07784214366


      John Timms

      • John L. Naylor Says:

        Hello John Timms,
        Have tried to call you on your mobile but no Luck.
        If you send me your home address I can send you a copy of the
        trials transcript.I`ve been trying to work out if we are related in
        any way.Rose was my great grandmother on my mothers side,so
        Rose must have had a sister or brother if she is your great aunt.
        makes you wonder eh!?
        John Naylor.

      • fatgardener Says:

        Hi John Naylor,

        Have tried John Timm’s phone and it definitely works. Sometimes he has it switched off, but he has left it on for the last week or so. Any chance you can try ringing again.

        Kind regards,


  7. John Naylor Says:

    Hello Fats,
    I`ts no way,I`ve tried 5-6 times to ring John`s mobile, does he have
    a land- line,if not mine from the UK is 01-31- 299-675654 . I am
    retirered now ,so I am at home most day`s., or my home address
    is Bellesloot 43
    1483 XB De Rijp e-mail = tjong101@planet.nl

    Best regards

    • fatgardener Says:

      Dear John Naylor,

      Sorry if you’re having trouble with John Timm’s phone. I’ll pass on your details to him today.

      I’m away on holiday for a few weeks from Thurs.

      Kind regards,


  8. John L, Naylor Says:

    Hello Fats,
    I had John on the telephone, so would like to thank you for acting
    as the “go-between” and to wish you a great holiday and a safe
    Best regards,

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