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27 September 2007 – Rickey Nolan McGinn

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Rickey Nolan McGinn

Rickey Nolan McGinn

Well, what do you know, Texas was at it again today in 2000 when the state carried out its lethal sentence against Rickey Nolan McGinn.

His was a particularly heinous crime because he raped and killed his own step-daughter, who was just 12 at the time. After he’d assaulted her, McGinn had taken the blunt end of an axe to her head and bludgeoned her to death, leaving her with fatal head injuries, as well as a fractured skull.

Poignantly, the child, whose name was Stephanie Flannery, had been left in his care while her mother had gone on a trip. The mother was never to see her child again.

Something fishy

Damning evidence linked McGinn to the crime, not least blood found in his car and on an axe found under the front seat. Indeed the child’s hair was also matted in with the congealed blood.

Despite trying to pass this off as debris from his fishing trips, the remains were obviously human. Indeed in the run-up to McGinn’s execution, George W Bush granted him two stays until DNA tests could be carried out.

However, rather than underpinning his claims of innocence, the tests proved the blood matched the dead child’s DNA. But it was his semen and pubic hairs that unequivocally linked him to the dead body, according to the Texas Execution Information Center.

It was similar evidence on a 19-year-old’s body that was to link him another corpse, but he was never tried for the murder of Christi Jo Eggers merely because he was already on death row.
Needless to say, no further appeals were granted and he was executed by lethal injection, aged 43 at Huntsville in Texas.

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