25 September 2008 – Jesse James Cummings

Life in the balance

Life in the balance

“The justice system let me down on this case. It turned a blind eye to truth in this. Today, you came here to see an innocent man die,” Cummings said according to a report by American newspaper, USA Today.

Apparently, he gasped twice and was pronounced dead at 6:11 pm, just six minutes after the lethal liquids were intravenously released.

His story unfolds below.

In a departure from our normal, already executed fodder, we’ve gone with a different take on today’s main man.

His name is Jesse James Cummings and, at 6pm local time, he is due to be dosed up with lethal drugs for murderous deeds at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

He has already been found guilty of murdering his sister and his 11-year-old niece. However, since his conviction, Cummings has been absolved of killing his sister and his sentence has been overturned. Yet the child-murder of Melissa Moody still stands and for that he is now on the brink of the ultimate penalty: death.

Like his outlaw namesake, speculation and counter-speculation swamp this case and Jesse James Cummings himself has constantly professed his innocence, saying that he was 100 miles away spending time with his father who was suffering from cancer, while the murders were taking place.

However, books such as ‘Suffer the Little Children’ by Barbara Davis highlight a different story – citing his as a case steeped in abuse.

In it Davis paints Cummings as a paedophile and the monster behind a plot to kill his own sister and child. He was apparently a puppeteer who roped others into carrying out his poisonous plot in 1991, while he called the shots from his safe haven 100 miles away.

Whatever the conjecture, the truth so far is this: Cummings has been found guilty of murder and his appeals have all been lodged on the allegedly flaky testimonies of two key witnesses.

The plot thickens

All the damning evidence hinges on two women: Sherry Marie Mitchell and Juanita Marie Lewis – the two wives of Cummings.

Cummings was a bigamist who married Lewis while still wedded to Mitchell. And, in a bizarre twist, both women are currently doing time each for the malicious murder of his sister and of his niece respectively. But while they got lesser sentences, Cummings has copped the brunt of the blame.

According to a report from Julie Bisbee from ‘NewsOK.com’, the sheriff’s office is convinced of his guilt as is the chief investigator on the case. Says Sheriff McCool, ‘…all along we knew he had something to do with it; we just couldn’t prove it’.

The sheriff believed that on the fateful day, Cummings kept in constant contact with his wives to find out how everything was going, and to stress that ‘Melissa was to be kept for him’. When he returned after seeing his father, he abused the 11-year-old girl before teaming up with Mitchell to take her to a deserted area where she was raped again. Cummings then stabbed her and slit her throat, reports Bisbee.

This ties in from the testimonies from the two wives. However, Cummings refutes this version of events and instead he states on his own appeals site:

‘The women had admitted to killing Judy while I was out of town and falsely claimed they kept Melissa alive until my return many hours later. But the facts make it clear, however, that Jaunita (sic) and Sherry also killed Melissa and disposed of the bodies before I returned. There was no evidence connecting me to the Homicides, other then the self-serving testimony of Jaunita (sic) and Sherry Cummings and there was no evidence to corroborate the women’s claims against me. The evidence at trial showed that I had no motive to want either Judy or Melissa dead, and that I was on good terms with them both.’

Cummings or goings?

So the question is, will Oklahoma grant the 52-year-old a stay of execution or will he be extinguished later today? We’ll find out soon enough…

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74 Responses to “25 September 2008 – Jesse James Cummings”

  1. heather Says:

    And he’s dead. Good riddance.

  2. At last he dies, now we need Sherry & Juanita to be executed and justice will be done.

  3. Hangemhi Zziz Says:

    17 yrs to get rid of this insect.? Get a load of his prison mug shots. If I was on the jury I would have sentenced him to die for the crime of ultimate ugliness.

  4. I just finished reading Suffer The Little Children by Barbara Davis this weekend and was very pleased to find this site….It gives me closure to know that this monster is no longer on this earth. I hope that his daughters and stepson have not been to severely scarred by this mans never ending abuse.
    After reading this book I feel for his wives, life must have been horrible

    • Jennifer Says:

      I also just have finished the book. I am also just so happy that this monster is dead! I also feel for the wives…they went through hell trying to protect the children…but not at the same time…must have been horrid not just for them, but the kids as well. I wish nothing but the best for their kids.

    • Christine Says:

      Death was too good for him…I feel he should have spent the rest of his life suffering the tortures and indignities he inflicted on his victims.
      I have no sympathy for his wives. They got what they deserved.

  5. danielle Says:

    suffer the little children was the most horrible true story of abuse, i was sick reading it and had to skip several parts because it was to awful to digest. i dont usually agree with the death penalty but thank god that peice of shit is dead. i dont feel anita or sherry should live out their lives in prison, theve done their time and should finaly for once be free. im not saying they didnt also make horrible mistakes by staying in that environment but how would one be after years of mental and physical abuse. i honestly feel they did what they did for they feared for there children and their own lives and to keep alive did what they had to.

    • Christine Says:

      Oh, please. They had choices. Anita as we all know now had a gun in her hands and instead of killing Judy she could have waited for Cummings to return and shoot him instead. How concerned could she really have been about her child? When Sherry understood what Melissa’s fate would be she could have taken the gun with her to protect melissa. These children were innocent and deserved to be protected. Their mother’s failed to do this. I would include Judy in this, because she continued to subjest her 11 year old daughter to her deranged half-brother.

      I think Sherry and Anita were pathetic excuses for human beings and life in prison is what they deserve. Because of their negligence and unwillingness to use the brain and the moral indicator that God gave them their children will suffer the emotional scars for the rest of their lives. It will affect their relationships with others and their own self worth. May God bless them and heal them.

      • Sorry I dont agree I wonder how you would have coped

      • Crystal (Canada) Says:


      • ashley lewis Says:

        christine you shouldnt talk bout my mother like that. I am juanita’s daughter my moma did what she had to and you can shove it i love my momma and although she screwed up and my dad was a disgusting idiot i dnt care what you pathetic people think my mom protected us. if it werent for her wed be dead. did you ever think that maybe if things hadnt happened the way that they did maybe i would have never been born. DONT TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT.

      • Amanda E. Says:

        to ashley lewis…

        I read the book too… I can only imagine what your mother had to go through… I have been a victim of abuse myself and can all to well relate to your mothers decisions… it seems bad on paper… but unless you have been in the situation where you have to make a choice between yourself/others and the safety of your children, no one can ever really say what their choice would really be… I would be very interested in speaking with you… I don’t know if that’s even possible but either way I am so sorry that you mother had to go through all of that but I’m glad that she was able to protect you to the best of her ability… and your brother… God bless you

      • carla Says:

        I agree whole heartedly with everything you wrote Christine.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    this man should have never gotten the chicken legs he requested for his last supper. There are starving children and families instead of wasting it on that man. Pure evil! never rest in Peace!

  7. crystal Says:

    i read suffer the little children also. i am from batesville, ar where anita is from and i remember her. i think it is despicable that her and sherry are in prison. i know that her son has had problems from what he has been through, but luckily her daughter was too young for it to have scarred her. i pray for anita and sherry’s peace of mind.

  8. Sherry'sFriend Says:

    I know Sherry. I spent some time with her while she was incarcerated a few years back.

    As a result of this SOB’s treatment of her, she’ll never be the same. And why? Because a man decided to twist her and use maternal love to force two women to do whatever he wished of them, or suffer the ultimate consequences. A sacrifice a mother felt she had to make, she will live with it for the rest of her days…

    And you dare to judge what you do not, cannot understand. All of you who do should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. Concerned Says:

    this is why I am undecided on the death penalty.

  10. hater Says:

    this sick f**k was my step uncle I’m from California and i just got done reading the book suffer the children and I’m glad i never met him and that he is gone

    • Jennifer Says:

      im sorry you were related to him…the story was very brutal…im just happy that you never had to be with or around the beast. Reading the story I just could not believe the things he had done…im happy your ok and I also am glad hes gone..not able to hurt anyone ever again.

  11. Gav (UK) Says:

    There IS some justice in the world! I have jusr read “Suffer The Little Children” for the 2nd time and it shcked and disturbed me yet again. How one person can abuse and de-humanise so many people around him is frightening! I guess we can never know the full extent of what the actual truth is about the murders from just reading books or websites, but if Juanita and Sherry did play a aprt in it I don’t feel anybody can truly hold them responsible and call them murderers. These were women beaten, tortured, dominated and controlled over a long period of time. There’s so many other accounts of the same thing in books I have read. One that springs to mind is the case of Joel Steinberg, who beat his wife over a long period of time and poor little Lisa died as a result ofsevere abuse. The wife was so beaten down by this man that she was powerless to protect Lisa. As in the Cummings household, he ruled the roost with an iron rod so to speak. I can’t even begin to imagine the sheer horror of what these people had to endure on a daily basis. This sick f**k deserved to die. But then there’s also the point of why he was the way he was? I strongly believe that being brought up in a cold abusive home throughout childhood can create evil people. Not all, many survvors are lucky enough to escape the horrors they endured and can make them want to care and love others and give them what they were deprived of. But just look at a lot of the serial killers over the last 100 years – Fred and Rose West, Jeffery Dalmer, Myra Hindley ect, they had vicious upbringings, same as Jesse Janes Cummings did. While this doesn’t excuse what they did, it can maybe give an insight as to a reason why one person can grow up with so much hate and violence towards others. I firmly believe if somebody is beaten and abused and mistreated from birth, then there’s a strong chance they will never know what it feels to love and protect nd care for another human being. He DID deserve everything he got, but seems his mother got away with everything she did to him and his siblings … that’s the injustice! Gav Worlledge, Norwich, United Kingdom 24 October 2008.

  12. Christine Says:

    I too, read the book ‘Suffer Little Children’ and I just had to find out if he JJC was put to death, for his crimes, & was glad to see he had, as for the 2 women (that he ‘married’) Anita only went to the police, when she thought she was going to be next! If she had gone beforehand, when the abuse was going on ( with the children), he would never have got the chance to murder! They were both weak-willed!
    Women in abusive relationships should act now rather than later!
    I hope this is a lesson for All Women!

    • Christine Says:

      I agree with you. Anita should have grabbed her toddler son after Cummings near-fatal beating of him. The women were colluding in not only their own abuse but that of their children. They are where they belong and I hope they are reminded of their cowardice and unwillingness to come to the aid of the helpless…the children.

    • Tyson Says:

      I find it pathetic that you blame the women for letting him brutalize them both. He separated them both from all forms of support, turned them on each other, he repeatedly told them both that he would kill their children if they turned him in and beat them and their children mercilessly every day. By the time they even knew what he was it was too late, would you have turned him in knowing it might well mean the murder of your child? How can you even judge them without knowing what they have went through? It’s easy to sit on your high horse and ordain what they should have done with no idea of the reality they lived in. The fact that Anita turned him in at ALL and that they both testified against him shows that they still had courage left. Most battered women refuse to stand up to their abuser at all, even after the abuser was in prison. How about placing the blame where it belongs, solely on Jesse, who manipulated, abused, raped, and molested his wives and children. Then how about going and doing some research and being informed about the topic before you spew ignorant remarks such as yours

      • Amber Says:

        Agreed,no one knows the torture they endured so no one should be making judgments.

      • Stephanie Branham Says:

        I honestly believe the people commenting that the women got what they deserved must not of read the book. The entire time I was reading the book my heart hurt for the two women.

    • Amanda E. Says:

      I take it that you have been fortunate enough never to have met one of these men who find it so easy to suck you in with love and keep you there with violence… and i’m glad if my assumption is true… however, it is very unfair for you to sit there and say that they are weak-willed when you yourself have never had to make that kind of decision… it’s not as easy as you may think… yes to someone from the outside looking in it seems like she could have at some time escaped… and you may even be right in saying that she could have prevented these unfortunate events… however… when you’re actually in this kind of situation, logic stands no chance against fear and the instinct to do whatever it takes to make sure your child lives… maybe you should think about that..

  13. I am also among the many that have read “Suffer the Little Children” I am very relieved knowing that sick twisted motherf***** is finally dead. I believe that being a mother myself these women were truly tortured and controlled in the worst and most unimaginable way through the abuse of their children. There was a comment at the top of this website stating good ridance to this monster and something about now his wive’s execution truly bringing justice, this made me sick those women were put in a place where their children were threatened and being a mother I don’t know how I would deal with this but these women do not deserve to die they deserve another chance and some serious counseling, the pain they endured weighs heavy on my heart and I also hope this story can be a lesson for all women everywhere to watch for warning signs of abuse and guard your little ones because such monsters are real in this world!! No one deserves the abuse these women and children endured!! I hope this sick twisted disgusting F**K burns for what he has done!!

  14. I also read the book and was happy to find out that the sick f*** is gone. Too bad he couldn’t endure a tortured end to his sorry existence, like the ones who suffered through his hands. I pray and hope the children will get all of the help they need. There definitely is a LONG road ahead for them. As for Sherry and Juanita., justice IS served. Although I am horrified at what they went through, they made the choice to stay and watch their own children be tortured, just like Jesse made the choice to do the same horrific acts his mother brought upon him. If you feel sorry for them for what they endured than you should also feel sorry for Jesse because he was abused so bad it made him into this monster. To the women out there being abused, there is a way out! Make the choice to save, not to watch others suffer because you are afraid for YOUR own life. If his wives were capable of taking a life, it should have been his!

    • Christine Says:

      Very well put. Everyone has to take responsibility for their choices.
      Cummings wasn’t the only sick one in this trio. These women had a loaded weapon in their possession and they could have put all of Cummings victims out of their misery by using it on the victimizer. They made a bad choice and they are paying the consequences.

  15. Shawnda Says:

    I read Suffer the Little Children about 2 years ago and was gripped by the story that fell off the pages. I am from Oklahoma and after reading this story I was talking to my mom about it and after some disussion on the subject I remember when all this took place. I remember how it shook our little community and everyone started locking their doors in a town of about 1000. Sick people are like this everywhere you go. Twisted minds are always at work. Thank the good lord above for taking this man off this earth, but always remember there are more of deranged individuals just like him that are walking among us right now!
    I read nothing but true crime novels and study online about serial killers. These people are everywhere! Just be careful, it’s a cruel world out there!
    May you rot in hell Jesse James Cummings for taking the life of that 11 year old innocent girl for your sick twisted pleasure!
    And shame on those women for not knowing better!

    • Danielle Says:

      It wasn’t the fact that those women didn’t know better because they did and they say they did in the book. It was the fact that the sick man had them as more or less his puppets. They are taking their punishment with out trying to throw up the battered wife syndrom like most would of. They know what they did was wrong but at the same time that man F***** them up so bad that I can’t believe they are being held reliable

  16. Mirinda Says:

    I don’t know how many of you actually knew “scottie”. I actually met him when I was around 12 and he was dating my best friend. After we read the book you wouldn’t believe how it made him act. I know he used to visit his mother(Lewis), but not sure if he still does. I’m sure he is probably glad that his stepfather is gone and I know I am. Stories like this really hurt but it’s even worse when you actually know the person. Sooner or later justice will be served.

    • Jennifer Says:

      you knew “Scottie”? I tell you in the book I really felt for everyone…but he made me truly feel like I just wanted to jump in and save the boy…I read he was born in 1988…which was the same year I was born…just thinking about what my life was like and then thinking when I was growing up somewhere he was just suffering…scottie just touched me. I hope everything is going well for him.

  17. I am in the process of reading the book, Suffer the Little Children. I had to get online to see if he had been killed yet. I am only on chapter 5, and can say that with all the abuse he has already inflicted this early in the book, he should be dead!! I was happy to see he was executed. I too live in Oklahoma, I’m 35, but do not recall this story. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all who were affected by this. I am so sorry for your pain. When I get done, I will then make my mind up about these 2 women who were involoved. Ive read people saying they needed to die also. Oh, and one funny thing I ran across was a website for him professing his innocence and asking for any help to overturn the death penalty. What a creep.

    • danielle Says:

      yeah i just finished reading the book for the second time and it never ceases to make me feel sick to my stomach all of the abuse and torture that that sick f**k has put his wives and children through (as well as his stepchildren).
      i was myself a victim of sexual, physical, mental, emotional, etc. abuse all throughout my childhood, and i can honestly say that not all child victims of such crimes turn out to be sick twisted f**ks like that of jesse cummings. i happen to be a very passionate person who is goal-oriented and currently working toward finishing my bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design so i can try and make a life for myself that i want.
      that’s not to say that it wasn’t a struggle, and it still is. i still suffer from tremendous emotional effects of what i went through, but alas that is pretty common for all victims of abuse. my heart truly goes out to anita and sherry (and their children) for what was done to them. i truly don’t see them as murderers, even though according to the book it was anita that initially pulled the trigger on judy moody mayo. typically that would make someone a murderer if they themselves are the ones who pulled the trigger, but look at how it all happened. jesse i feel was to blame for everything in that awful household. like the book even stated at the very end multiple times “what jesse wants jesse gets.” it was so true! he would threaten the lives of his wives AND use their children (and threatening the children as well) to get what he wanted because he knew how strong a mother’s love was for her child. as long as he basically could hold the child ransom, he got what he wanted. all anita and sherry were trying to do was save their kids from being killed by jesse.
      i have tried to place myself in the shoes of sherry and anita to try and figure out what i might have done if i were them. while that’s not actually possible to do since i am not them i would still wonder. i personally don’t believe i would have been able to pull the trigger on judy despite all the threats that were being thrown my way and all of the abuse like what was going on with anita that day, but how can i say for sure? the only way to know is if you are in that situation and in that particular moment. i am not excusing what anita did because we all know that killing is never the answer, but some people don’t seem to want to consider what was really going on.
      also, if you read into the backgrounds of anita and sherry’s lives before they had the vicious jesse cummings enter their lives, you can see that they were basically just ordinary people…not harmful in any way so much as to suggest murder or anything remotely close to it. it was the manipulation, torture and twisted way of that of jesse cummings that robbed these women of their innocence, stripped them of all of their dignity everyday over the course of many years, and ultimately pulling their happy lives out from right underneath their feet so fast that they didn’t even see it coming before it was too late. his sly and cunning ways when they first met him are what opened the doors to a life of absolute atrocity for which they are not personally to blame. these ladies were completely brainwashed by this a**hole and are now paying for it by being incarcerated and away from their children. i believe that cummings got the easy way out…by a simple injection that put him to sleep! you don’t get much more humane than that…especially in a situation like this. he no longer has to live with what he did, but anita, sherry and the kids still do. sometimes i see the death penalty as a cop out especially when the crimes are as vicious as what jesse cummings put his victims through.

    • Christine Says:

      A psychopath to the end!!

    • I am reading the story of this monster and I had to stop to see if he was died or not as well as others. I can not believe the depravity that existed in that household. I can not understand how someone could watch a child, a innocent child be abused by someone and do nothing. I know there are people out there who are afraid and have low self esteem and all that, but how could you stand there and shot a defenseless woman and not the man that told you to do it. I am glad that he is gone, but the only thing that saddens me is that there are thousands of more people; men and women in this world just like him. We are over run with the sick and depraved. I can not speak about what I would have done in that same situation with regards to MY safety, but I know that my moral compass would not let me watch a child be hurt by anyone. I do not care what anyone says to the differ. A child is a precious, and innocent gift. We adults can save ourselves but they are defenseless. Those children and especially Melissa did not deserve this. I have not forgetten Judy Moody Mayo in all of this, but I can not stop thinking about the children. I am glad he is died and I wish that the state did not feed him for days before he was executed. That monster did not deserve a meal. He made a choice and had the nerve to post a site that stated his innocence and ask for help. I would not pour water on him if he was on FIRE!!!!!

  18. Just to let you all know the kids real names were debra, robbie, and ashley. so the person claiming to be friends with “scottie” is wrong. the kids names were changed in the book to protect their identity

    • Morgan Says:

      What a total idot you are telling these kids real names. Don’t they deserve some anonymity from this man and the legacy he left them? How would you feel if you were in their shoes? What an idot!

      • um, she’s not an idiot, its on jessies facts for his release?

        the worst thing you can do when you’re a victim is remain silent, they will never have privacy and thats just a fact of life

    • J Marie Says:

      You do realize that when this person you speak of was talking about “Scottie”, she put his name in quotes. Her use of quotation marks was an acknowledgment that Scottie is not his real name, but that she was being respectful by using his alias instead.

  19. Jeannie Says:

    He is nothing but a killer,he needed to die.he is a liar to.I wrote to him for 7yrs and he lied to me that amount of time.

  20. I have read “Suffer The Little Children” and I agree that Sherry and Anita do not belong in prison and should be able to have freedom. I am also very glad that Jesse has been given the ultimate punishment, and he is one less criminal in the world.

  21. angenette Says:

    i read thsi book and parts of it is ture that was my grandma and aunt that was killed. I happy he was killed he got what was coming

  22. danapunk Says:

    I wish I could’ve posted this sooner…I read “Suffer The Little Children” and couldn’t get the story out of my mind.
    My ex of 7 yrs was Evil like this man and while reading it I started remembering things I had blocked out of my own life because they were so very unbelievable. No one ever died by my boyfriends hands (that I know of) But while he was still in my life his equally evil brother has gone to prison for murder, I have heard stories from women about rape and even about forgotten children (born from RAPE) brought into this world by my demon ex. So I have to admit that I believe every word those to Ladys said, there are people out there like that man and those things he did are possible. Women can be treated bad and it be so bad they are afraid to leave.

    There where many times that I felt like death was the only answer. Honestly I wish I would have stopped my ex from being able to hurt anyone else. I can only pray that no one lets things get far enough for him to go as far as this Evil Creature was allowed.

    May God Be With You
    You 2 are truely Strong Brave Women
    I will pray that you can forget what he has tried to do to you.

  23. SAMI Says:

    I just got done reading “Suffer the Little Children” after finding it in a local used book store. It made me sick to know that there are really people out there like this and that this could happen to anyone.
    It still boggles me on how he could treat his helpless children the way he did. He got what he deserved I just wish he would have been tortured the way his victims were!!!

  24. POOHBR Says:

    finally he was killed im almost done reading dat book and it is horrible and some of the ppl in there im related 2 and those two did not deserve to be killed in sure they were nice ppl and he had to go and ruin there lives!!! dat sick b******d im soo glad ur dead!!!! and away from me and my family 4 ever

    • Sickened Says:

      I am reading the book and I feel bad knowing that there are still people related to that loser… Sorry for your lose and sorry you had to go through all the pain.

  25. Sickened Says:

    His sick mind deserved all he got… he cant prove himself innocent because he along with everyone else knows he was the one who plotted both murders and he is the one who got both woman to do it. yes they need to go down the same path as him only because they let him molest and abuse their children and didn’t do anything about it

  26. Malinda Says:

    I have read the book and i agree! I have been in a abusive relationship with a man, but I’ll be damned if he is touchin one of my kids! OH HELL NO! or convincing me to commit murder! I would die before I let a man touch one of my kids i wouldn care how bad of a beatin i would get! Those two need to go down just the same as him! I am sorry no child should have to suffer that way! If one of there children is readin this I am sorry but when this was happenin did you not ever look to her to stop it and hate her because she didn?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A mothers love never stops! Whether it be her child or someone elses! I be damned if I go into another child being hurt or much less murdered for that matter! He is on his own and I will go straight to the police! He can beat on me all he wants but you touch my kids and you die! They should have stuck up for there babies and themselves by gettin out of it! Plain and Simple! Quit praising them for stickin it out so long! They should have went down the same way he did! I hope they live with this for the rest of there lives! I’m sorry but MY children come first before I do and I’ll be damned if any one is gonna hurt them in any way! I’m glad he fried for it but I think they should have too!

    • he didnt have to ‘touch’ ur kids in a sexual way. i lived with the abuse my dad dished out and its exactly the same.

  27. here in atoka Says:

    I was out with my sister n law one day and we traveled past an old abandoned house place with nothing left but a creepy ole cellar. I got out of the car and was looking around,when I started for the cellar she said “stop” and started telling me the story. As I stood there in the bottom of that cellar (tht was dry) an erie feeling began to creep up. I didn’t dare go on into the other part that looked to be like another room. I ran straight out of there and freaked when I learned a body once sat where I was standing.
    I just finished “suffer the little children”for the second time. I too agree that the two women should have stood up for their children I could have never set and watched some son of a bitch beat my helpless child! I would have killed that f***er or died trying! I also believe however that they do deserve a second chance at freedom;until one is put in their place they should not judge them for the mistakes they have made. As for jesse,I’m glad he’s dead,but I think he deserved a more painful death! And wherever those kids are today, I hope they are doing well.

  28. Steve Nelson Says:

    I also read Suffer the Little Children & believe his wives were also “victims” & should be granted Executive Clemency by Oklahoma’s governor. However, I’ve also read a few other books about “Oklahoma justice” cases to have no illusions that clemency or pardons will come for Sherry or Anita. Prison can’t be any worse than the hell on earth they endured with/from Jesse James Cummings. While I fervently oppose the death penalty, having lived most of my life in states which have not had capital punishment in 75 years, I am not in the least to see Jesse Cummings gone-hopefully to his own version of hell.

  29. sadone Says:

    this is the story that may be true but then again who knows they both died my grandma and aunt but who was the last to see or hear them? what was the last thing they said and how can one person write a book on the life of the people in the book i read it there are things in the book that are not ture and they are things that should have been added to it like the part that the 11 year old girl was going to be a mother and that the girls who jessie was married to wasnt the one who was hurt they was a part of it all and how can one person write a book tell the life of 3 people that they now nothing about.. how can a wife know so much about her him and about the life he had before they was together they can the only person who know the real story of this bad man is himself and god… RIP grandma and auntie I love you guys

  30. poeticpunk Says:

    I am half way threw suffer the little children n absolutly sick to my stomache…first of all how on earth did such an UGLY man not only land one wife but four!!! n to use a motherrs love against her is dispicable! I was abused as a child an now a grown women I still have nightmares those poor children will nvr be the same…may he rott in hell for all of eternity taking the life of such a beautiful wholesome child n ruining the many lives of others!

    • Christine Says:

      The mother’s did not love their children enough.

      • J Marie Says:

        I am sorry, but your comments on this page have been incredibly judgmental. We should never point an accusing finger at someone in a desperate dilemma, especially if we have not been in a similar situation ourselves. Yet you have made several statements suggesting that your are an authority on the subject. None of us has a right to say how these women felt, what was going on in their minds, and certainly not how much they love their children. If you haven’t lived in a household dominated by constant physical & mental abuse, control and fear, it would be impossible for you to really know what you would do if you WERE in said circumstances. Yes, these women made some bad choices, but your comments reflect a belief that they lived in some kind of healthy, supportive environment that would’ve made them collaborators rather than victims.

  31. crystal Says:

    hes a twisted sick f*** and im glad its over may Melissa and Judy R.I.P

  32. amanda Says:

    I have read suffer the little children twice and I have to say that these women indured what most people would never even imagine. to constantly live in fear not only for them selves but their childeren. After all that these women witnessed and went through I could see why they would be in fear of anything that jesse had threaten to do to them and the children. I believe sherry and anita were just trying to survive the nightmare they were in the best way they could. my heart goes out these women and expecially their children. In the end that bastard got exactly what he deserved.

  33. amanda Says:

    I would like to say for those who think the women should have done something to stop him. I can see your points you do what you have to to protect your children but on another point if they wouldhave went against him and failed he could have killed those women and left those children to be raised by that monster alone and only god knows what more would have happen to those children with no mother around.

  34. Karen Says:


    I believe everyone should go to this site, scroll to the bottom and read all the documentation about the case instead of relying solely on the book as acurate info. There’s no doubt this guy was a complete scumbag but Anita and Sherry are not as innocent as they appear to be in the book. The book makes it appear that these women were basically prisoners, no phone contact was allowed, no vehicles to go anywhere, no way to escape, etc. This is obviously not the case. And I am sorry but I have to agree with the people that have said she should have used the gun to kill Jesse instead of killing Judy with it…all that bull she said in the book about being afraid it wouldn’t kill him is nonsense…maybe if she shot him once, no…but if she shot him as many times as she shot Judy I’m pretty positive he would’ve died. The fact of the matter is abused people have to be held accountable for their decisions and it’s sad some of you seem to think they shouldn’t have to pay for these murders simply because of the abuse they went through. Maybe you would see it differently if it was your 11 year old girl they murdered?

    • Tammy Oneal Says:

      I read ur comment and as a woman previously from a tortuous and abusive situation, I ask…have u ever been in a situation being so tortured u envied the women who only got punched, slapped, or raped by the hands of their husbands? Probably not. Although I believe women should b held accountable for their actions, I believe w all sincerity that she was afraid of shooting him. I hate being judged for being stupid enuf for staying but if u only had tried my shoes on, not having to walk in them, I promise u would have a different outlook.

  35. bonnie Says:

    Jesse is being tortured in hell, what he did to those people and animals,is being done to him in hell.

  36. Rocketman Says:

    I knew Anita well when we were teens. She was a truly vibrant and intelligent southern girl. My brother married one of Sherry’s cousins and my impression of them was that they weren’t very socially adept. They were among the poorest of the poor in our small community and had a hard time of it to be sure.
    I met Jesse through mutual friends and I can be a first hand witness as to this man’s brutality and indifference to other human beings. I believe if he had been studied in depth he would have been classified a sociopath.
    I met him about the same time that he met Anita. Our circle of friends was shocked when we found out they were together. This man dripped evil from every pore. I was talking with a friend that met him the same day I did recently and we both recalled how our fight or flight instincts were raised whenever he was around.
    I read the book a couple of times and from what I have seen and experienced with the main characters involved it was probably pretty spot on.
    I say HUZZAH! to the fact that this monster is no longer among the living.

  37. Many years ago i read the book “Suffer The Children,” it hit me very hard. I live in Coalgate and decided to find Melissas grave, and i did. I have visited it and her mothers grave many, many, times. My children now grown visit it with me and have since they were children. Then one day we went to visit and they have Buried that sorry sob just on the other side of the tree (almost right next to Melissa) where Melissa and her mother are buried. It has left alot of people in this area and in there family sickended. They should have burned his body and buried him with his crazy mother!!!!

  38. Tammy Oneal Says:

    Found website very knowledgeable and helpful

  39. DJ Mad Mike D Says:

    I read “Suffer The Little Children” and I do not believe for a second that Jesse James Cummings was innocent of anything that he did and while man has no right to decide who lives and who dies, I am happy that he cannot hurt anyone else like he did his two wives and their children. How any person could stoop so low as to do the sick and twisted things that he did, is beyond the scope of human understanding. Any man that manipulates people into doing the sinister things that he forced his wives to do, is not a man at all. He is a coward! Do Sherry and Juanita deserveto go to prison, probably; however, they should have been let out a long time ago, if for no other reason than the things they went through that put them there. Let them out! Give them a chance to heal. They did very sick things at the command of a man from whom they felt they had no avenue of escape.

  40. Delilah Says:

    “Suffer the Little Children” was crap. I’m not saying that Jesse was a good guy but details do not add up even in the book. Like saying they ditched Judy’s truck and then loaded the couch up … on Judy’s truck. Give me a break. Every author has an angle. Sadly, not even she picked up on the bullshit enough to at least question/edit it.

  41. robbyn Says:

    Im glad hes gone. I dnt feel for the wives i understand the fear they had but not to protect ur kids is sick that bitch had the gun she could of waited for him not to mention jesse was gone instead of killing she could of got her kids n left all three are sick.n thank god.there no longer in society n those children hopefully they find a way

  42. Betty Dustan Says:

    Juanita and Sherry should never have received time in jail. Rather doctors to assist with their recovery, and for them and their children to finally bond is what they should have received. These ladies were brainwashed and have suffered enough from Jesse’s wrath. I sympathize with these two ladies immensely and for their children. They all need love and help to overcome all the despicable acts and torture the Monster Jesse inflicted on them all. My prayers are with you both ladies and your children.

  43. How old was Judy if that person claims she was her Grandmother

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