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22 September 1692 – Martha Corey

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Martha Corey

Martha Corey

Victim of the Salem witch trials in America, Martha Corey was executed for daring to speak out against a set of young girls.

The 17th-century witch trials took place in the Puritanical heartland of America’s north-eastern state of New England. Groups of young girls in Massachusetts were to accuse many members of the townships of witchcraft in what can only be called mass hysteria.

They would pretend to be possessed and the juries would get sucked in and believe them.

Martha Corey was one such victim of the accusors after she’d dared to assert that they were liars. The gaggle of hysterical girls turned on her and unleashed their ire in the shape of accusations of witchcraft.

Her loving husband had stood up for her and had already been executed for similar crimes by the painful process of pressing where stones were heaped upon him until the life was slowly pushed out of him and he was crushed to pulp.

Thankfully his wife met an altogether quicker end. Martha Corey was about 60 when she hanged on this day in 1692 just two days after her 80-year-old husband had met his gruesome end.

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