14 September 2005 – Frances Newton

Frances Newton

Frances Newton

Frances Newton was sent down for shooting her husband and two children in Texas.

Newton was convicted for the 1987 murder of Adrian Newton, seven-year-old Alton, and 21-month-old Farrah. The case against the 21-year-old was said to have been founded on circumstantial evidence and there was a bid to get the African-American released.

There was little to link her to the murders. OK so she had taken out three life insurance policies on her husband, her daughter and herself, worth $50,000 a piece, and she dumped a bag at her relative’s home just shortly after the murder, which just so happened to contain the murder weapon. But the only physical evidence to link her to the scene of the crime was a set of nitrite residues on the rim of her skirt.

The shootings were at point blank range so there should have been blood but there was no trace. Appeals were based on the fact that these chemicals could easily have come from her father’s farm rather than the murder weapon.

Indeed one of the jurors asserted that if they’d known that this was a possibility, it would have given grounds for reasonable doubt.

Naturally this sparked opposition to her death penalty, which was led by, among others, Amnesty International to no avail. She was injected with toxic chemicals herself in Texas in 2005, aged 40.

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One Response to “14 September 2005 – Frances Newton”


    as long as the death penalty is dispensed as it is i will never be for anyone being put to death “legally” anywhere. in this case though does anyone remember beyond a reasonable doubt? if you are going to do an eye for an eye, you had better be sure you have the right eye in question. BILL RIGNEY SENDS. BT

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