12 September 1990 – Charles Walker

A kink in the line prevented Charles Walker from dying cleanly in 1990. The murderer’s execution was a botched job after his heart continued beating despite having been given his lethal injection.

The 50-year-old was hooked up to a gurney in Illinois after he committed double murder. Walker was to blame for the deaths of 21-year-old Kevin Paule and his fiancée Sharon Winkler after he killed them.

The murderer had been in search of people to rob when he happened on the couple as they were fishing and shot the pair for a mere $40.

He was ultimately sorry for what he did admitting pragmatically ‘I’m sorry I done it, yeah, but it’s done’ according to reports in the ‘New York Times’.

Dead man Walker

Following a stint on death row, Walker became the first person to be executed in Illinois since the penalty was reinstated in the mid-‘70s.

And it soon became clear that the state was out of practice. In one Dr Edward Bruner’s professional opinion the needle had not been inserted properly, and a kink in the intravenous equipment ensured the toxic cocktail failed to enter Walker’s bloodstream effectively.

Of course, the Illinois audience sitting in the other room had no idea there were any technical hitches – the line was merely de-kinked and Walker’s heart eventually stopped.

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