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12 September 2006 – Farley Matchett

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Farley Matchett

Farley Matchett

Farley Matchett was shoved onto death row for killing a man apparently in self defence.

However, his excuse was that victim, Uries Anderson owed him money, and when he didn’t cough up Matchett stabbed Anderson in the back twice in so-called self defence… and beat him on the head with a hammer.


He also had previous. Matchett left Ola Mae Williams, 91, brain damaged after he beat her around the head with a hammer when she refused to give him money to feed his crack habit. Matchett then beat Melonee Josey, 74, and killed her for the same reason.

Of course, given the Texan’s previous crimes, Matchett was given the death sentence, but claimed he’d been fitted up for Anderson’s murder. So he lobbied hard to get pardoned, even writing:
‘there is no justice for the poor, the mentally retarded, the mentally ill and people of colour.

‘All we can do is hope for a brighter tomorrow and pray for miracle in the face of adversity where life hangs in the balances of mock scales of justice.’

Ultimately his pleas for clemency fell on deaf Texan ears and he was finally put to death by lethal injection in 2006, aged 43.

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