6 September 1996 – Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright was sentenced to death in Oregon after he lured three white homeless men to their death on an Indian reserve.

The three men came on the pretext that they would get some work, but Wright just wanted to kill them. He also killed a fourth man, Anthony Nelson, a Makah Indian, also on the reserve.

The killer was done for murder and found guilty of the senseless, unprovoked crimes. At first, he appealed against his sentence, but then ditched his attempt.

Last Wrights

Good job too. If he’d pursued it, he would have been tried in a federal case under the Major Crimes Act for slaughtering a Red Indian on reserve land.

Of course, irrespective of the crime, the sentence wouldn’t have made any difference. Either way he faced the death penalty and Wright was given the lethal injection for murder in 1996, aged 56.

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3 Responses to “6 September 1996 – Douglas Wright”

  1. Gina Licari Says:

    This man took my brothers life, and ruined mine. My brother’s name was Anthony Arthur Barker (Tony) and he was a wonderful person. This bastard stole my brother from me and he also took away his son’s ever knowing his father. What posses a man to do the things he did? It could only be one of two things, He is solid ugly and hate , he was a demon or possed by one . or he sold his soul to the devil himself, or bothe. Not a day goes by that i dont miss Tony and wish he was here to grow old with me. It makes me sick that society has no problem remebering a pond scum like this guy , but what about the victim? what about the family . I have completely gotten over my brothers death, I have managed to go forward one day at a time . Death was too good for this miserable excuse of a human being…… Gina Licari

    • My name is Danny Manjeot. I was also a victim that lived and well its a long story. I would love to talk to you. My email is dmanjeot@gmail.com . Death was to good for him I agree. I have thought about beating this guy badly for years. to the point i even questioned my own sanity. I’m truly sorry for your loss. I have no clue why I lived and am still trying to piece all this together which is hard from a childs mind and a drug addict mothers. I only found out about this other stuff he did three yrs ago.

  2. gina licari Says:

    what about his victims?

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