3 September 1924 – Patrick Mahon

Patrick Mahon

Patrick Mahon

Patrick Mahon was put to death for killing his pregnant, secret lover Emily Kaye in 1924.

Mahon was actually married when Kaye took his fancy. And it was the spurned Mrs Mahon who ultimately led to his demise. She found a cloakroom ticket for Waterloo station. Intrigued she went to claim the item only to find a bag filled with blood-soaked female clothing.

Well, husband or no husband, this couldn’t have gone unacknowledged, so Mrs Mahon went to the police. They promptly laid a trap for her philandering husband. Naturally, he had no clue that the police were already on to him, so when Mahon came to collect the incriminating bag, he was sharply arrested and the gruesome truth emerged.


It transpired that he’d led a double life in Sunbury with his wife and Eastbourne with Kaye. Kaye was convinced they were engaged and off to South Africa on holiday, but when Mahon couldn’t get a passport, a row ensued. He asserted that Kaye fell and hit her head on the coal scuttle.

Of course, that didn’t explain why her dismembered body had been strewn round their love nest. Kaye had to be painstakingly pieced back together from remains. Bits of her body were found boiled in a pan, while other chunks of body were found in biscuit tins, hatboxes and trunks. Bone splinters were even found in the hearth. But her head was never found.

Break for freedom

Even Mahon’s execution was eventful. His head in the noose, Mahon is said to have jumped forward to avoid the trapdoor opening. This just served to make him swing back and slam his spine into the pillar. He fell into the pit with a broken neck. The gruesome murder story went on to inspire the Hitchcock film ‘Rear Window’.

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2 Responses to “3 September 1924 – Patrick Mahon”

  1. Shelbey Mahon Says:

    I dont know how i am, but i am related to this grusome man…

  2. Ian Patrick Mahon Says:

    I have just changed my name to Patrick Mahon (my fathers name)
    My father was born on 24 May 1912 in Galway
    I hope I’m not related

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