30 August 2000 – Gary Lee Roll

Gary Lee Roll

Gary Lee Roll

Misery hit Missouri after three men decided to target an innocent family. Masquerading as the police, Gary Lee Rolls and two cohorts blagged their way into the home of family of four – the Schepers.

There they carried out a ream of murderous crimes, beating, pistol-whipping and stabbing the family to death, while hell-bent on robbery.

Roll with it

Roll along with David Rhodes and John Browne then made their escape leaving the four corpses to be discovered at a later date.

Discovered they were and it was then that the terrible trio started turning on each other. Browne surreptitiously taped Roll ‘fessing up to the murders. The accomplice then handed the tape over to a mate who hot-footed it over to the police.

Cornered, the three men then pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes, but as the main perpetrator, Roll copped the lion-share of the blame. Rhodes got three life sentences, grass-stained Browne got life, but Roll got death, despite an exemplary military record and no previous.

None of that mattered – Missouri stuck a lethal needle in the 47-year-old today in 2000 for his murderous part in the proceedings.

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