30 August 1946 – Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky

Hot on the Russian heels of leftie Grigory Zinoviev comes extreme right-winger Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky. And what do you know; Stalin was once again responsible for the fascist’s demise.

Right-winging it

Sick of the grip of egalitarian politics, Rodzaevsky tried to overthrow the Bolsheviks with his brand of anti-Semitic right-wing activity while in exile. But he needn’t have bothered – ultimately he was to hand himself in, in 1945 after he rightly began to suspect that Stalin was right-wing enough for the both of them.

‘I failed to see that, by the will of Fate, of his own genius, and of millions of toilers, Comrade J V Stalin…had become this unknown leader.’

Promises, promises

Well, you’ve seen Stalin’s government in action, so it must come as no surprise to find out that promises of a release and a job on a newspaper were empty indeed.

In actual fact Rodzaevsky was arrested, found guilty of crimes against the state and met his seedy end in a Lubyanka cellar with a bullet embedded in his brain. He met a similar fate to that of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who met their untimely ends 28 years previously.

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2 Responses to “30 August 1946 – Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky”

  1. “He was shot in Lubyanka – the same place where Tsar Nicholas II and his family met their untimely ends”

    This is nonsense. Nicholas II and family were shot in Yeksterinburg, more than 1000 miles away.

    • Hello,

      You’re absolutely right and thanks for taking the trouble to post a note. It was a case of supremely shoddy editing on my part – sorry about that. Post updated accordingly.

      Cheers, Mel

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