28 August 2007 – DaRoyce Lamont Mosley

DaRoyce Mosley

DaRoyce Mosley

A bloodbath in a bar left four people murdered and one man on death row.

As waitress Sandra Cash packed up the night’s takings four customers sat finishing their drinks. Suddenly three men burst in brandishing guns and demanding money and although Sandra handed over the meagre takings without question she was shot twice.

The lead gunman then shot each of the diners and made off with the money.

Although severely wounded the brave waitress managed to dial the emergency services and she managed to survive the ordeal despite the fact she was paralysed from the chest down by her injuries.

Suspicion quickly fell on DaRoyce Mosley, his uncle Ray Don Mosley and Marcus Smith who’d been seen nearby on the night of the attacks and who were known to carry guns.

He was arrested and despite giving multiple conflicting statements and attempting to blame his uncle for the murders, his pleas fell on deaf ears. It was he who was sentenced to death, with Ray getting life imprisonment and Marcus a two-year stretch.

DaRoyce was given the lethal injection in Huntsville Texas on this day last year. He was 32.

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