23 August 2005 – Robert Alan Shields Jnr

‘Murdered by the state’ said Mr Shields senior as he watched his son gurgle his last breaths on this day in 2005.

Texas had executed its 348th convict in Robert Alan Shields Jnr, who was found guilty of killing Paula Stiner. He’d stabbed and hammered her to death in her own home in the deadly pursuit of money and a car.

He was caught a couple of days later, having used her credit cards and actually using her car. A cigarette butt, prints, blood, you name it, there had been evidence to prove he’d been at the scene of the crime.

Indeed, ultimately, it was his own mum who’d felt compelled to pass details of how to get hold of him to the police after she noticed suspicious signs.

You see, Shields had been on the wrong side of the law previously too. Despite still only being a teenager at the time of the crime, he’d already committed a host of felonies from stealing cars to filching valuables.

Add to this the fact that his so-called mates testified against him and things didn’t look too hot for Shields. However Shields fought an appeal on the basis that there was no proof he’d actually committed the murder, just that he’d been present, and that he’d been unfairly represented.

Yet all this was to no avail as Shields was sentenced to die for the murder of Stiner. Eleven years of appeals followed before Shields stint on death row expired and he was executed by lethal injection, aged 30.

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