19 August 1919 – Boonpeng Heep Lek

Boonpeng Heep Lek

Boonpeng Heep Lek

The last public beheading in Thailand took place on this day in 1919 and it was reserved for Boonpeng Heep Lek.

Thailand operated a particularly barbaric method, where the prisoner had to sit down fastened to a wooden cross. Clay was then poured into both the ears and mouth and a line of clay would mark the point on the neck where the executioner had to aim.

The calming properties of a sharp sword

The execution would be carried out by two people, with the assistant dancing around the prisoner waving his sword to ‘calm’ the prisoner. The main executioner would then cut off the prisoner’s head from behind.

Bird food

In order to remove the leg chains from the corpse, the feet would be lopped off, then the body would be chopped up and thrown out for the birds to feast on. All that is, except the head, which would stuck on a spike as an example to all.

As for Boonpeng Heep Lek’s crime…well that’s not been confirmed yet. But we’re working on it.

Also on this day

19 August 1922 – Thomas Henry Allaway
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2 Responses to “19 August 1919 – Boonpeng Heep Lek”

  1. Lisa Davis Says:

    There is actually a shrine to this guy at the place where he was executed, Wat Phasee, Ekamai. Go figure!

  2. Rob Penny Says:

    Does anyone have any information about the person that photographed this execution?

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