16 August 1756 – John Lander

Humanity obviously passed murderous Lieutenant John Lander by. He was hanged for his barbaric crimes against boys and animals in the mid-18th century.

Horsing around

With a month’s wages weighing his pockets down, the Chatham-based soldier teamed up with another officer to blow their pay packets by larging it in London. They boarded a post-chaise and promptly ordered the post-boy to drive the horses at full speed or they’d impale him on a sword.

The poor lad had no choice but to obey and the horses were whipped to within a heart-stopping whisper to push them harder and faster.

Lander’s hope and gory

Of course, the sicko soldiers were loving it, so when they changed at Dartford, the same order came through for the new boy with a fresh set of horses. But the pace naturally slackened off at Shooter’s Hill. When asked why they’d slowed down, the boy bravely replied that they couldn’t possible go at the same pace uphill.

Incandescent, the barbarians jumped the boy and Lander promptly skewered him with his sword.

Carted off

The sadistic soldiers never made it to London that day. Instead they were banged up in Rochester and Lander was found guilty of murder. His sentence was death and he met an equally heart-stopping end on this day in 1756.

Also on this day

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