15 August 1941 – Josef Jakobs

The Chair of Death

The Chair of Death

A German spy was forced to sit down to face his fate after he broke his ankle in the run-up to his execution.

Corporal Josef Jakobs, a 43-year-old wartime double agent, was put in front of a firing squad of eight Scots guards in the Tower of London during the Second World War.

The Chair of Death is still on display at the Tower is you’re ever passing. It’s a good day out – head for Tower Hill tube station on the District Line if you’re planning on going, unless you live in Docklands, in which case the DLR is probably better.

Anyway, back to Jo…he was found guilty of treason under the Treachery Act of 1940 and, in doing so, he became the last person to be executed in the historic Tower.

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