13 August 1915 – George Joseph Smith

A lucrative life insurance scam fuelled serial killing ‘Brides in the bath’ bigamist George Smith’s to murder for money.

George Smith was the infamous ‘Brides in the Bath’ murderer who managed to chalk up seven bigamous marriages. While he didn’t kill all his wives, he did clear out all their savings and money before dumping them and running.

However, things turned a sinister corner when three of his wives started dying in the bath. The deaths were inexplicably put down to epilepsy, or accidental drowning.

However, the murderer didn’t bank on coming head to head with renowned pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury. In a scene that CSI would have been proud of, he reconstructed the deaths and worked out how the women could have died so instantly and without a struggle.

Now all they needed was a reason and it turned out Smith had motives in spades.

Smith had married and then drowned Alice Burnham, Beatrice Constance and Margaret Elizabeth Lofty all for financial gain – following their deaths he was able to cash in on their life insurance policies and wills. Some reports add Annie Mundy to the deathly mix too.

He was strung up, aged 43 by James Ellis on 13 August 1915 at Maidstone prison.

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