11 August 1879 – Annie Tooke

Annie Tooke was sent to the gallows for infanticide.

The 40-year-old baby farmer was found guilty of killing and dismembering baby Reginald Hyde, who was just six months old. She had been paid to look after the child – the handsome sum of £12 plus 25p a week for his upkeep. But she couldn’t cope and little Reginald disappeared.

That was until his little torso turned up with the dismembered limbs, head and genitals not far off. Tooke nearly got away with it having incriminated and identified another preferred suspect Mary Hoskins.

However, Tooke’s suspicious statement led the police straight back to her and she was arrested. Her incarceration broke her and Tooke confessed to suffocating the infant and chopping him up on the coal bunker.

Tooke was hanged at Exeter in 1879 by William Marwood.

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